Animals of the Rain Forest

4th grade

3rd quarter

Winter 2014


Encyclopedia Britannica Online School Edition K-12

Gale Databases

List of Rainforest animals

From The Wilderness Classroom

From the Rainforest Alliance


Questions and notes

Teacher Model:


Room 201-Friday

Ella and Luis

Jacob and Calo

Christian and Ashley

Ariana and Alexander

Andrew and Leilani

Alma and Sarai

Addison and Amaya

Luis and Lilly

Max, Gali, and Mr. Feeley

Room 202 - Wednesday

Helen and Lymarie

Millary and Miles

Eduardo and Liliana

Chris and Maya

Nicholas and Amayrami

Jacob and Amanda

Esperanza and Jorge

Luis and Amy

Amlin and Juampablo

Gwen and Mateo

Room 203-Tuesday

Abril and Vasco

Brinley and Arecly

Kieran and Aretzi

Jason and Jonathan

Zarai and Benjamin

Esteban and Mr. Feeley

Carlotta and Eveanna

Joseph and Rumeur

Xavier and Jada

Ryan and Jeshua