Animals of the Rain Forest

4th grade

3rd quarter

Winter 2015


Encyclopedia Britannica Online School Edition K-12

Gale Databases/Kids Info Bits


List of Rainforest animals

From The Wilderness Classroom

From the Rainforest Alliance


Questions and notes

Teacher Model:


Room 201, Ms. Vazquez - Monday

Dylan and Zulmarie
Emma and Andres
Emmett and Daniel
Henry and Aaliyah
Katie and Anthony
Mia and Edward
Michelle and Phoebe
Mikel and Hector
Xochitl and Isabella
Esteban and Efrain

Room 203, Ms. Vargas - Tuesday

1. Faro and Melodie
2. Dennis and Julia
3. Natalia and Alexis
4. Joseph and Amy
5. Abril and Olivia
6. Jade and Jason
7. Daniel and Anastasia
9. Andres and Melisa
10. Aryanna and Giovani
11. Michael and Neiyah
15. Moises and Jackeline
16. Anthony and Maria

Avril and Arianna
Dennis and Andres
Olivia and Melodie
Amy and Giovani

Room 202, Ms. Alvarez - Wednesday

1. James and Miyani
3. Peter and Sebastian
4. Naoby and Abdiel
5. Maya and Sofia
6. Isaiah and Darlenne
7. Rudy and Lauren
9. Alix and Claudia
10. Aaron and Jeffery
11. Geraldine and Pablo
12. Valeria and Santiago
16. Omar and Mia

Mia and Isaiah