Power and Protest in America

Essential questions:
What's worth fighting for?
What elements of protest movements have resulted in changes?

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Mr. Feeley's model voicethread:

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Library Group (M, T, Th, F in library; W gym class)

1. Cathy, Esteban, Celeste
Young Lords
Voicethread. Click here.

2. Erick, Simone, Miguel
Whittier School Protest 2010
Voicethread. Click here.

3. Wiljalisha, Rogelio, Autumn
Anti-War Movement (Vietnam)
Voicethread. Click here.

4.Karina, Rafael, Kimberly
Union Movment
Voicethread. Click here.

5. Isabella, Nicholas, Jennifer
Modern Gay Civil Rights Movement
Voicethread. Click here!

6. Caliani, Sebastian, Yulissa
Persons with Disabilities/Americans With Disabilities Act
Voicethread. Click here.

7. Olivia, James, Oscar
African American Civil Rights Movement
Voicethread. Click here.

8. Ashley, Ana, Kelly
Chicano Civil Rights Movement (El Moviemiento)
Voicethread. Click here.

Computer Group (M, T, W, F in computer lab; Th in gym class)

1. Stephanie, Pablo, Tatiana
Abolition Movement
Voicethread. Click here.

2.Karina, Isaia, Edna
Women's Suffrage Movement
Voicethread. Click here.

3. Benjamin, Cameron, Michael
Black Panther Movement
Voicethread. Click here.

4. Wendy, Jennifer, Rodrigo
Women's Liberation Movement
Voicethread. Click here.

5. Emilia, Juan, Chris
Anti-War Movement (Iraq)
Voicethread. Click here.

6. Noel, Grecia, Emily
English only movement
Voicethread. Click here.

7. Briana, Guadalupe
Immigration Reform Movement
Voicethread. Click here.

8. Alejandra, Danielle, Antonio
Native Americans Rights
Voicethread. Click here.

On Demand Group

Glogster.com http://edu.glogster.com/

Mr. Feeley's model glog: Click here.

1. Luis C. and Luis G Women's Suffrage MovementTo view Glog click here.
2. Johnathan and Drake Abolition Movement
3. Alejandro and Christopher Modern Gay Civil Rights MovementTo view Glog click here.SantosTo view Glog click here.
4. Edgar and Alexis African American Civil Rights MovementTo view Glog click here.
5. Lorenzo and Juan Anti-War Movement (Iraq)To view Glog click here.
6. Andre and Christian Women's Liberation Movement
7. Alberto and Roberto Black PanthersTo view Glog click here.
8. London and Christian English Only MovementTo view Glog click here.
9. Jeffrey and Diego Immigration Reform MovementTo view Glog click here.
10 Alejandro and Daniel Chicano Civil Rights Movement (El Moviemiento)To view Glog click here.
11. Ivan and Adan Anti-War Movement (Vietnam)To view Glog click here.